Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Still here

I know it has been forever, but if you can believe it I have been just a little busy:)

Where to start…..
Little Bit is now 7 months old. He is just the sweetest child that I have ever met.
He smiles all the time and now says Dada.
He also says mmmmmm before we feed him any food. He can even hold his own bottle!
He had his first ear infection this past weekend and also learned to say Mama in the process of healing.
He can sit up almost by himself and can also pull himself on the floor; he is trying so hard to crawl.
Best of all, he sleeps through the night: )

My girl, who I will give the internet name of potato, because that is how she is shaped, is 2 months old! She is the easiest baby in the world. However, we are still getting used to all of her little girl sounds.

She can hold her head up by herself when you are holding her and during tummy time.
She smiles and coos when you talk to her, but especially when I do.
She makes great eye contact and knows how to keep someone’s attention.
She can entertain/play by herself.
Best of all, she also sleeps through the night! I know I am very spoiled.

I need to get Bits 6 months pictures taken and would love to get a professional picture of potato. I have matching outfits from the G.ap and really just need to make an appointment. I really just need to do a million things, but it will have to wait until I am done teaching.

1 ½ weeks left of school and I will officially be a stay at home mom again. I can’t wait! When I am home our whole family is just so much more relaxed.

There is a Foster/Adopt dinner this Thursday put on by OCS. They offer free babysitting and it should be fun. My husband and I are hoping to run into some people we took our foster class with last summer.

As for the status of our babies:

Bit’s mother is still in a mental institution and still states that she wants us to adopt him. I’m not even sure when the next court date will be.

Potato’s parents are still MIA and I have been instructed by the judge to not come to court until they either appear or they decide to TPR.

My oldest child, William, won the brotherhood/sisterhood award at school. The qualifications included showing compassion, empathy and kindness to others. I am beyond proud!