Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Waiting Game

I’ m just waiting for AF. For some reason last month I got it on day 27??? Tomorrow is day 27 and I am prepared. This would not be unusual if I wasn't always 28 or 29 days. Also, I used a ovulation kit that I started on day 12-19 and I didn't ovulate? However if you look at the sticks, yes I number and keep them, day twelve had the most hint of two lines. Who knows? Maybe I ovulated on day 10? I am going to start the kit earlier this month to see if I am ovulating earlier. In August I ovulated on days 15 and 16. In September I broke the kit, cause I am dumb. So I am very interested to see what happens in December. Am I just not ovulating? Is that the problem? I will also try clomid in December again. Why not? I have a prescription, I know the directions. I will post again when AF and I meet again:)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CAUTION, this post was written very late at please excuse my errors:)

Wow! Almost a complete month without posting, I really am that busy, I swear! We went to the IVF follow-up consultation as scheduled. Let me first say that we sat in the waiting room for about 45 minutes waiting for our appointment. The one satisfaction I did get was that the front desk receptionist bitch told me I had a $20.00 co-pay and I got to tell her that, no, actually Dr. Overyourhead said this visit is free of charge. Also, along on this visit was my almost 4 year old son. Now, I would not have brought him along, however, since my husband needed to be at this appointment I had no other choice. I live in a different state than all of my relatives and pathetically, no, I don't have any friends that I could ask to watch him. So as I said after 45 min. in the waiting room we were finally called to come back and my boy stayed in the waiting room to play. Dr. Overyourhead didn't even recap the events of our IVF he just goes straight into what he would do for the next cycle....adding more of this and that and assuring us that it is still worth it. My husband let him go on for about 1 min. before he stopped him and asked him if he was aware of what happened at our transfer. Dr. Overyourhead was finally speechless when my husband and I rehashed the events and the fact that the doctor, his partner, who was doing the transfer had no idea that I have had cervical cancer, a baby before, a tipped uterus, a c-section, and then on top of all that he couldn't find my uterus with the ultrasound machine that was in the room. And as many of you know your bladder is in no condition to be waiting for another ultrasound machine, nor is it happy when a speculum is inserted, taken out, and then re-inserted. We also informed Dr.Overyourhead that the DR. doing the transfer never seemed sure if he actually ever saw my uterus. In fact at one point he said just that. He actually might have said it twice. Not a very comforting feeling after years of infertility, months of shots and pills, and $13,00o. When my husband and I both left there we were sure that it had not worked solely based on this Dr.'s lack of knowledge about me. After we went through this whole story Dr. Overyourhead apologized and genuinely seemed upset and sad for us. He then brought up the recorded notes on his computer stating that the doctor had inserted the blasts into my uterus at blahh,blahh, blahh area. I said that is terrific, but I could also write that memo and obviously it wouldn't be true, nor would it mean anything concrete. He then had his flaky nurse practitioner come in to I guess witness/hear this conversation and she immediately started talking up this other doctor, going on and on..... I actually told both of them that I prefer this other doctor's bedside manner over Dr. Overyourheads. Yes, I am that blunt. I also told them they sounded very defensive, and that although I am a great/excellent teacher, their are dayz when I em OFf. Get Anyway he kept asking us what he could do to fix this, what did we want. I was too chicken shit to say that I wanted a free IVF, but I should have. My husband believes that Dr. Overyourhead should have made suggestions to try to make the situation right. Either way nothing was set straight. Then I asked for my records and Dr. Overyourhead said that he has no problem faxing them to another office if that is what I would like, I told him they were for my own personal reference. Then he got very interested in the idea that I might be going to some other office. He started naming off all of the other infertility clinics in the state and I asked about one of them and mentioned another DR. name which I knew and he got very interested in me and my business. He went on to say that he had some sort of certification over this other doctor and that he was an associate professor and the other doctor had never been. He also went on to say it would costs a lot more money since they would probably do all of the tests I have already done all over again. I assured him that would not be the case, because I truly believe I have some sort of say over my health care. Lastly, he asked again what it would take for us to stay and my husband's response was that we would only meet with DR. Overyourhead. At that point he couldn't give us a definitive answer on that prospect, and then bitchy receptionist lady came in and said my child was getting restless. Well of course he was, he had been there for and 1 1/2 hrs. Instead of the 1/2 we were suppose to be there. Consequently, we only met with the doctor for about 35 min. so you do the math. We left with his personal e-mail address and still need to compose an email expressing or wants and needs if we do continue with his practice. To be honest I never really felt the other people, besides Dr. Overyourhead were very professional or organized, qualified, but you are so emotionally involved and wrapped up in everything that it is hard to really determine it until you are out of it. So we will send our requests, but ultimately I don't believe we will be going back.