Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mis Amigas!!!!

Yes! More new friends, I am so excited and appreciative!!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Friend!!!

For awhile I was pretty depressed that no one would leave comments on my posts, but then I got over it and decided that this blog was really just a way for me to express my feelings. However, I have made a new friend in the new state that I will be living in, who actually grew up in the town that we are considering moving to!!! How blessed am I to have this person be so concerned about my well being? And the other great part is that she is going through the foster to adopt program that I will also be using hopefully within the next month or so. Oh, and she understands infertility, how many people can say they have a friend who knows what you are going through? Anyway, I am just totally excited and I can't wait to get down there even more now so I can help her out. Thank you Dream Mommy I couldn't do this without you!!!


Well of course I got AF, and I was very sad , but I am excited about all of the other changes that are happening in my life! We are moving to Baton Rouge in just about a month. I now feel like my life is starting. No more graduate school, no more shitty paychecks and long hours, no more condo without a yard for my son or dog to play in, no more SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday we got approved for a mortgage and we were sent some houses for our consideration (Her words not mine!) We can't wait to check them out in person. We will be traveling there on the Jan.11-16 to get our Barings and check out the corporate apartment we will be staying in. We need to set up the movers and so many other things......It is a little stressful, but so much fun!!!!!!

Monday, December 25, 2006


Can't sleep. Just know that tomorrow I will wake up and have AF and I will be devastated. It's amazing how fast and yet how slow 28 days can feel.

Friday, December 15, 2006

4 babies in 4 years

I met my friend Amy when both of our sons were 6 months old at a swimming class. For some reason we immediately clicked during class and we exchanged phone numbers. Now, I didn't call her and actually lost her phone number(threw it out), but out of the blue she called me and we set up Quinn and William's first play date on July 31st 2003(Which happens to be my birthday! ) After that day we got together probably at least once a week and then started to take park district classes together with our kids.
Long story short she started talking about getting pregnant again, and my situation with my first husband was not optimal for even thinking about having another child. Amy and her husband tried a month and nothing, so she was thinking about using my big bertha, but before she did she found out that she was pregnant again. I was thrilled for her. In fact, even if my relationship with my husband was ideal, I was enjoying spending time with my boy and wasn't ready to have another baby, as if I could plan it anyway:)
That next July Cate was born, and she was beautiful! A couple of weeks after she was born I moved out to Colorado. Around 9 months later Amy said that she was ready to have another baby but she hadn't gotten her period yet, because she was still nursing. So she figured that she would have to start taking birth control to get her period back. Except little did she know she was already pregnant, and Nora was Born in January. Beyond adorable!!!
Once again it has been about 9 months and I asked Amy if they were thinking about number 4 and she said they were, but she was pretty sure her Husband would be out town when she was ovulating in November. I called her this week and asked her if she was pregnant and she is! She did call me earlier that week to tell me, and I was just returning her call. That's one thing I love about Amy, she will never tip toe around me just because I am still ttc. I would rather hear it from her then her it through the grapevine.
But to be honest, after I told my husband about Amy's pregnancy, it hit me....HARD. Wow! She will have 3 kids in time I have been trying to have one more. I guess it is just something I have to live with, and I do.

A thought that made me feel better and laugh a little was about the future and when they are struggling to send 4 kids through college, I will be able to take cruises and drive around in my Mercedes, and retire.........But then again I'd rather struggle and have 4 great kids:( Don't worry my pity party usually only last an hour or so.

On a side note I haven’t been able to comment on any other sites cause I switched over to the beta blogger thingy and I can’t remember my password and it won’t tell me!!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!I will figure it out soon, I promise.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

CD 10 and 11

Well, big bertha showed me that I ovulate on day 10 and 11. Today is day 12 and big bertha still shows that I have a higher LH level. Who knew? Well actually, I had a clue.


Well big bertha is showing an increase in my LH levels, not ovualting yet, but an increse. Now, my bodies own ovulation kit, my angioedemia , is also showing me a surge in estrogen since the inside of my mouth and bottom lip are swelling, and let me tell you it sucks! It's painful and not to mention a tad bit embarrassing, no, inconvenent. It is hard to explain at the gym why half of my face looks like someone hit it with a baseball bat. At least maybe this means I ovulate, I just can't believe how early in my cycle it occurs. I'm still holding out for the actual identification of ovulation however before I make a conclusion. Wouldn't it be insane if I was just not getting pregnant because I wasn't having the sex on the right days? I'm sure that's not the case, but a girl can dream!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

long time, no blog

I've tried to blog for a couple of days now, but blogger wouldn't let me.... I got AF on day 28 just like usual. Could a person who is so regular not ovulate? I will find out this month, I broke out big bertha, the clear plan easy ovulation monitor. That's right the one that when I bought it originally cost $250 bucks. 30 sticks cost $50.00 bucks. So I guess I will know for sure. I also bought the clear plan ovulation kit for back up. I know I sound crazy, but I NEED TO KNOW! I also decided not to use the I have this month so I can see if I ovulate by myself..... On a side note, when I conceived my son it was the month I decided not to use the kit. LOL:)

In other news, I am done with all my classes and tests for my Masters in Ed. All I have to do now is student teach. However, I can't start in January because hopefully my husband will find a job in another state and I won't be here for the whole 12 weeks. PJ, my DH, has a job interview in Baton Rouge, LA on Wed. I hope it goes well; I would love to live there! I know that he will impress and that the company will love him, honestly, it all comes down to the money. Show me the money! He also NEEDS to set up a defense date for his PHD in Chemistry. Yes, I know, what a nerd, but I love him so much!!!!