Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday

to me!!! I am officially 30.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Up to date

Since my last post we have dealt with a staff infection, a trip to Chicago and a change in Potatoes’ case. That is why I called it “OLD.” So if you didn’t read it go on with your bad self.

I wrote that last post and before I was able to publish it Little Bit got a fever and then we noticed a bump just below his belly button. I immediately had my husband bring him to the ER because I figured it was some sort of infection; maybe something to do with his previous double hernia surgery.
They sat in the in the ER from 8:30-12:30. The doctors knew it was some sort of infection but they wanted to wait until the pediatric surgeon came in around 6:00am. They were originally going to keep him over night so that was when I got a babysitter for potato and went to the hospital.
They then decided to have us come back for surgery scheduled for 6:00am. It turned out to be MSRA. I KNOW!
They are pretty sure he gave it to himself scratching his eczema. He is fine now, but at his 9 month appointment he had a double ear infection.
He never is unhappy so I never know. This is his third infection, if he gets three more within this year he might have to get tubes. We will cross that bridge when we get there.

We went to Chicago to pick up my oldest son. He was very excited to see my husband and me. We also brought 3 of our runners with and did lots of touristy things. The best thing was going to a CUBS game.

We had a family team conference meeting for Potato. Obviously, her parents were not there. They did inform me that they were changing her goal from reunification to adoption. We also went to court and the only person they need to rule out is Potatoes’ biological dad. Initially, they were searching for her dad on her birth certificate. However, it turns out he never produced a SS card so he can not be on the certificate. It also turns out that Potatoes’ last name now reflects this change. I received her SS# and Medicaid card.

Next court date, next month.

Lastly, our Casa worker was able to find Little Bit’s dad! She also took some pictures of him for us. Now we are just waiting to see if he can sign away his rights.
We are also meeting with his maternal g’ma and great g’ma on Tuesday. I’m not as nervous as I was before.

Still no SS# for Little Bit....................UGH!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Old Post

I had my first visit from Little Bit’s case worker since CASA got involved in his case. She seemed a little cold and was trying to explain that since 9-11 it is hard to get a SS card. I said I understood I just really want it to be her top priority so that I can get my tax refund and stimulus check!! She did say that she had worked with his CASA worker before and that she was very good. She also said that the judge that Little Bit has really listens to the CASA workers recommendation.

She also said that she talked to Little Bit’s maternal grandmother and we plan to meet on July 1st. We will probably meet at a McDonalds or at OCS office. I think that this is for the best. I am glad that his worker took the responsibility of setting up this meeting. Especially since it is not in his case plan and I don’t have to do it. I hope that she is “normal” but I am expecting the worst and only hoping for the best. I really do hope that he can have a relationship with his someone from his biological family.

Potatoes’ worker called to inform me that the name that we thought was her last name is not her last name after all. In fact, the last she now has isn’t even her mother’s last name because her mother had lied about that. My poor baby! I guess it won’t really matter since her last name will be changed again to our in the next year.

My oldest son is still Chicago and I miss him terribly. Fortunately, his father pays child support, but unfortunately he hasn’t paid for anything else. He owes me about $1,500. Now, it usually doesn’t bother me except for the fact that I have to keep hearing from my son all of the things that his father is buying him. All I can think is that yeah I would buy you that too if I didn’t solely pay for your entire school tuition for last year and for the upcoming year, bowling camp, reading camp, medical bills, airline tickets, ect…… So I feel guilty am contemplating going out and trying to buy the same things he has at his dad’s house. I told this to some of the kids I run with and they are trying to talk me out of it. They keep reassuring me that William knows that I love him and e doesn’t need all that shit. I know they are right, but it is still hard to hear……

Endometriosis is starting to kick my ass. Anytime I get my period I have life stopping pains where I can’t breathe. Also, in lieu of giving TMI, anytime I go to the bathroom I have to hold on for dear life because the pain is so intense! I know I need to have something done about this but I am contemplating what I should be. I had cervical cancer when I was 22,( No, not from HPV, it was hereditary), and have been told that once I was done having children(haha) or when I turn 30, I should get a hysterectomy. Well, I don’t have any plans on getting pregnant, and I will turn 30 at the end of July so maybe I will have it done sometime this year.