Saturday, June 21, 2008

Court Dates

Little Bit’s court date: After driving 45 minutes to the court house and waiting 3 hours it was decided that he will remain in care. The judge seemed sympathetic to Little Bit’s situation and said that relatively soon he would like to make a decision on a permanent placement for him.
The lawyer that was representing his mother stated that she was unaware that his mother had been moved to a new facility and that she was not having visits with him. She also wanted to point out that her mental evaluation was 6 months old and that she couldn’t see how anyone could make an educated decision without an up to date evaluation.
Little Bit’s case worker didn’t say a word about how his mother calls her everyday and how she had just talked to her doctors and that they still recommended that she not have visitations with Little Bit and that she remain in care at her current facility.
After it was deemed that we would meet again on November 25th for another court date the case worker told me that Little Bit’s mother’s lawyer would do anything to get her clients reunified with their kids.
That made me a little freaked out and pissed off at the same time. We will not be going back to court without our own lawyer and we also contacted CASA to work for Little Bit’s best interest. We are still wondering why he wasn’t assigned a worker when he was placed in care. We are also still waiting for Little Bit’s SS# for our taxes…..It seems as though someone is dropping the ball somewhere along the way…. I just need to get more aggressive and stay on top of things better I suppose.

Potato also had a court date: This one went much better. It was deemed that her case would reflect abandonment and there is another court date set for July 17th. The case worker is hoping that we will have her adopted by the end of the year!

My oldest son is in Chicago visiting with his bio dad. He has been gone for 1 of the three weeks and it is killing me. I hate when he is away, life is so boring without his little body running around the house.

Little bit almost has another tooth and is crawling like a mad man! He is getting so big and is so happy. Potato is getting big too. She is only 5 pounds less than Little Bit and is 4 month younger.

I have some of my runners over during the day to help me with the babies and organizing my house. One of the little girls made me buy Potato a headband with a bow. I couldn’t even figure out how to attach the bow to the headband, she thought that was very humorous. However, today I bought her another one with two bows to match some of her outfits. I can see how this could get addicting and expensive!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Breaking News!

That’s right Little Bit has a tooth!! He also has a raging case of eczema under on his neck. We went to the doctor this morning and she didn’t seem all that concerned. She told me to put cortisone cream and some Boudreaux Butt Paste on it and it should clear up.

Oh, I did get that sundae and I am so glad that we talked!! You totally need to take a road trip or I will come to you:)

Sunday, June 01, 2008


I finally brought all three kids to get heir pictures taken. I ended up with some great shots but it was a very frustrating process!!!! The flash wasn’t working correctly on the camera so every time all three were smiling she would miss the shot. Anyway, like I said I did get three great pictures: 1 with Little Bit alone sticking out his tongue and grabbing his toes; 1 with Potato staring directly into the camera looking beautiful as always; and lastly, one of all three; at least William is smiling into the camera and the other two are looking.

Potatoes’ CASA worker came for a visit and gave us some interesting news. She apparently went to the last court hearing and the judge was ready to move forward with TPR, but had to be reminded that the parents get 4 month, which will be on July 2nd. She did inform me that there will be a court hearing on June 16th and I intend on being there!

Little Bit’s worker also came for a visit. She informed us that his mother want us to be her payee; which would mean that we would be responsible for the money that she gets from the state. She desperately wants to get out of the facility that she is in and go back in a halfway house. I understand her desire for more freedom, but she really can’t live on her own; even in a halfway house. Nor, do I want to be her “mother” as well.

Also, if we did accept the responsibility of being her payee I fear we would have too much contact. I am all for Little Bit knowing his mother and seeing her while he grows up, but I want to b able to control that contact just in case she is not lucid or becomes dangerous.

Little bit’s court date is on June 10th. I know they will just say that he will remain in care, but I also hope to get another date that will include TPR. A girl can hope right?

I am totally loving being home with all of my babies!! William is attending a summer camp through his school and loves it. It goes for 2 weeks. He is also attending a reading camp and a bowling camp. He will also have to visit his dad for three weeks. I hate when he is away, but I know he is having fun. Today, I hope to get him a little pool for the back yard.

Well, now that things have kind of slowed down I will try to blog more about what we do each dayJ