Thursday, September 27, 2007

Things to do.....

Okay, so here is the 411 on my visit yesterday. All we did was go over the "stuff" I need to hand in and I clarified some things from our last visit. So here is my check list that I will complete this weekend:

Fax William's medical form to the doctor (again!!!) and have them fill it out and fax it back.

Copy of my pay stub

Two of my references still need to send back their forms! I will be calling them and two other people who I am sure will get it done!

Proof of car insurance (again!)

Sizes of our bedrooms

She said that once these things are in it will take about two weeks until we are certified! Now that is good news!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The sun will come out tomorrow

I called my case worker after my post last week and she did call me right back and set up another visit for tomorrow. I am glad that it is progressing, it gives me hope again. Also, I went to my IF clinic today and am going to attempt an IUI this cycle. My husband and I discussed giving this whole treatment thing a try until I turn 30. Again, I can't blame him for wanting a biological child and I will try anything to fulfill his dream. So hopefully my next post will be more exciting.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Would you like to join my pity party?

Today, I made reservations for my trips home for the holidays. Then, I saw on my calendar my son’s birthday, and the number 5. It took my breath away. I can’t believe that my baby is going to be 5 and I have no other children. Fuck, I’m not even a certified foster parent. I immediately blamed my 1st husband for wasting my youth!!! But in reality I’m not really sure it is his fault, but I will still blame him anyway :) I just want another child so much that I physically ache. I know I need to be patient, but isn’t 4 years long enough. Not to mention that I am sick of hearing about all of the celebrities who are pregnant or able to adopt a child easily. It is so infuriating! No more for me!

On a different note my IF doctor here in BR called randomly just to see how things were going. It was wonderfully refreshing! We bitched about how insurance will pay for Viagra, but not birth control or IF related medicines. We talked about my options and there was no pressure either way. He really just cares. How many people can say that about their doctor? We’ll see. I might try a couple IUI’s since they are not that expensive and are painless. Honestly, I really don’t care how I get a child I just want to be able to raise and love one, be a parent, enjoy playing with them, and watch them evolve in to capable adults.

I feel better, but I still can’t dull the ache.

Monday, September 10, 2007

2nd Home Study

I had my 2nd home study. All I have to say is why do they have you fill out all of that paper work if they are just going to ask the same damn questions again? Here is my other issue, again, they expect you to have this boring life and you are just sitting around waiting for their phone call or for them to come for a visit. The reason I bring this up again is that I am a very busy woman as I suspect the rest you are. Anyway, we scheduled the visit for 3:40 because I can fly home after school ends at 3:30. Then, if it is Mon., Wed., Thurs., or Fri, night I coach XC from 5:30-7:00. Tuesday night I have my cohort seminar for my masters in teaching at 6:00-7:00, so when I say I don't have any time except from 3:40-5:25 I ain't playin'. My last visit was over two weeks ago and he hasn’t scheduled another one? WTF!

I have been MIA for a couple of weeks now due to illness! I am on the up and up so I should be able to get back to anyone who has been calling me and commenting on blogs. I’m SO sorry Lisa! I know you have been calling but I have had no voice by the end of the day to talk, or I have been going right to bed. I swear I will call on Tuesday.

School is a lot of fun, but the parents are DRAINING!!! Trust me if I have disciplined or reprimanded your child for anything it was for a great, terrific, perfect, undeniable reason…..NEWS FLASH, this just in your children are not perfect angels, you know this, you live with them.