Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Just when I think I have figured out all there is to know about blogging I can't seem to figure out how to write a new post. For some reason I have two sign in names? So now I know how to sign in two different ways, and I also know which sign in name allows me to write a new post. Both allow me to comment on all of your sites.

Anyway, we made it to Baton Rouge! We have been very busy looking at houses and getting estimates on the work that needs to be done on the one we really want. It needs a lot of up-dating including central air and heat, complete re-wiring, and a new roof. We also need to make plumbing repairs and modifications in the bathrooms and the kitchen, but everything else is just aesthetic, personal things we want to do. I will be happy once we close on the house and we can start the major work and finally move in! I will keep you all posted during the progress! One of the nicest things about the house is that it is right next to a great running trail and a super Wal-Mart!

Next in line is finding a school for my son. Now, in Baton Rouge the public schools are known to be not very good. However, we always intended our son to go to a Catholic school so it never mattered. We found the parish in which is closest to us and actually like the schools curriculum. There is an open house on Feb. 1st. I hope we like the school and that William meets the requirementsJ

I also want to sign William up for tee-ball and maybe my husband and I will be able to coach the team. There are also basketball leagues that I can join at the YMCA! That makes me very excited.

I’m also very excited about spending weekends in New Orleans when my ex comes to visit William. The first weekend will be Feb. 9th. It will be great for my husband and I to spend sometime together. We need it, We deserve it!

Once everything settles down a little we will start the foster adopt process. I figure it will take a while for it to be completed so we will have everything in order when we are placed with our child.

In the meanwhile I will be teaching William at home for the rest of the year. I brought all of the rest of the curriculum for the year from my class so that he will continue to learnJ I am glad that he and I will get to spend so much time together.

On a fertility note, I am day 8 and Big Bertha is showing an increase in fertility. WE will continue trying!

Monday, January 08, 2007

break through

Okay, I know I might sound dense here but I figured out that if I sign into my blog page first I will then be able to comment on everyone else's. Yes, I know, not brain surgery, but a break through none the less!

And I am still showing that my most fertile days are the 10th and 11th? Anyone else having such early ovulation?

long time, no post!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long!! For some reason I can't figure out my password/sign in name for my blogger? I know I must sound crazy, but I swear it changes day to day...LOL. This also means that I haven't been able to comment on anyone else's posts, but trust me I am reading. So this post is just going to be responding to my friend’s journeys.

1. Serenity, I am so glad they actually found something, something you had suspected all along. I am also thrilled that you are recovering so quickly, but honestly, I knew you would. I’m so excited for your new fresh cycle, I just know that it is going to happen for you.

2. Dream Mommy, you know that I am forever grateful for all you are doing for me with my whole move; I just hope that one day (soon) I can be helpful to you. You fight for that little boy; he needs your loving family so much. I know it is going to work out the way that it is suppose to and I can't wait for both of our families to be able to hang out! Really, anything, you name it, I will do it; that is the type of friend I am. Also on a side note my NEW, yes that's right I fired the old one, realtor is awesome and has given us lots of house to look at.

3. Faith, it seems like we have a lot in common fertility wise. I too have high FSH levels and antibody levels; I am now contemplating if I also have a touch of PCOS even though I am regular as rain and have no other symptoms. I wish you good luck with your impending IVF cycle, and am excited about your new doc, sounds like a keeper.

4. The impatient patient, thank you for sharing so much of your IVF life with us, you don't know how helpful it has been. Also, we are here for you no matter what!!! Give us your heart break, we will be careful with it, I promise.

In other news, the move to Baton Rouge is on a count down now. We are beyond excited! We will be going down there on Thurs.-Tues. so we can look for houses and check out our corporate apartment. And of course we will spend one night in the city I love the most to have dinner at our favorite restaurant Antoine's. I hope it doesn't snow here in Colorado and delay my flight, I will cry, seriously!

Side note: My ex-husband at one point said to just get this whole idea of moving to Louisiana out of my head because it is never going to happen. Last night, after I e-mailed and told him that we will be moving there he e-mailed back, guess your dream has come true......YOU BET YOUR ASS IT HAS!!!!!!!!!!!