Monday, September 29, 2008

Almost One

I finally got Little Bit’s social security number!!! He will turn 1 in 11 days. I also was told that his biological grandmother wanted another visit. I told our caseworker that I didn’t feel comfortable with another meeting until I felt there was some sort of forward progression in his case. The caseworker didn’t really say how she felt about it either way (like usual) but said that she had told the grandmother that the date she selected wouldn’t work for me and she didn’t argue or get upset.

I’m hoping that with the CASA worker that the next court date will bring a TPR date. Our CASA worker is incredible and she has done all of the research and homework to make sure that the judge is aware of Little Bit’s mother’s ability to function in the real world, and more importantly on a day to day basis(she can not). The caseworker also told me that his mother still states that she wants use to raise him and that she does not want her family to have him. I just hope that his court date isn’t moved and we can get on with it!

Potato is 7 months old. She has been very cranky lately, but so cute. I really took for granted the way I “knew” why my oldest child was acting a certain way because I knew his biological parents (his father and I). I swear it makes a difference. I still respond in the same way, but maybe my foster babies need something else?!? Maybe I needed something else as a child? Just a thought.

My husband and I have been discussing hiring a cleaning service. Today I called and hired one. I’m not even going to tell him, I am just going to wait and see his reaction tomorrow night. He just thinks that we can do it all, but I know I can’t. So if they come every other week, I think my life will be much less hectic. Now maybe I will hire a lawn service:)


Dream Mommy said...

Give grandma visits so she doesn't insist on regularly court ordered scheduled visits. Then you could HAVE to bring him. It's easier to just bring him occasionally to keept them happy and not fighting for him. Remember, it's been almost a year, and many judges aren't too crazy about placing with relatives coming forward this late.

Cases with moms with mental issues take FOREVER. Hang in there. Poor J has been in care almost two years, and it still could take 6 or more months for a TPR date.

JUST A MOM said...

woo hoo moving forward is a good thign sounds like everyone is in agreement... sounds like your getting more teeth there huh,,, cleaning person,,,,,,,,,, I would have to clean before I got one... have a great weekend